Proof of Capacity

Bitcoin uses a method called Proof of Work which involves solving hard mathematical problems to help secure the distributed ledger of data that forms the blockchain. It does use a lot of electricity from mining equipment that rewards miners

There is a blockchain out there which uses an intriguing method known as ‘Proof of Capacity’ (also known as ‘Proof of Space’), called Burst.  In a nutshell, the Burst network is secured through hard disk space instead of continually hashing calculations.  A potential miner will use spare hard disk to calculate hash values pre-mining and store them, known as plotting.  This only needs to be done once.  The mining process will simply read specified values, which uses far less power.

A nice technical explanation

I personally believe this type of mining will increase in popularity.  It fits in the same spirit as Bitcoin mining, is absolute, and likely to be appealing because of the potential electricity save.

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