Message to Clients


Dear Clients

Please be aware that myself and Itreco no longer function as a business application and technology consultant/provider in Astana and Kazakhstan.

Whilst I am available for informal advice, I now consult full time as a Business Analyst for TengizChevroil through EPAM Systems as from 11th May 2014 to current time (March 2016).

It has been a pleasure working with you since 2008 and Itreco wishes you all success in your private and diplomatic business in Kazakhstan.

Please stop by from time to time where I’ll be posting news, views and advice on all things IT Business Analysis and also from the fast growing world of Cryptocurrency.

kind regards,

Daniel Simpson (Director)


P.S. For any clients Itreco supported for ongoing Network and Workstation support, this has been continued by our chief technician Yevgeniy Kolesov. You can contact Yevgeniy on: +7 707 10 98909

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