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Social Media in the Workplace

 We were recently asked by an office that we support for  IT to block access to all media hosting and social media websites such as Facebook, Youtube, VKontakte (Russian). It’s a difficult juggling act these days for businesses to decide what to restrict on their corporate networks.  There’s no doubt that social media is playing [...]

Fade To Black ?

When it comes to viewing web sites, what’s better? A Black Background with White Text (White on Black – WOB)   OR White Background with Black Text (Black on White – BOW)

The Web Site Ranking Contest

When you search on a word or a phrase on the web page of a search engine, you may not think much about the list of sites that Google decides to show you.  How does it choose between the thousands of web sites out there? In the early days of search engines,  keywords were the [...]

Who updates a web site?

Web site content can be divded into two types: Fixed / Static content Dynamic content Usually, fixed, static content can include things such as ‘About’ information and ‘Contact’ information, not likely to change very often. Dynamic content on the other hand is added and/or edited frequently.  Examples include rolling news or a creative blog. Updating [...]


Advantages of Web Sites over Printed Media

Whilst your company may choose to employ several forms of advertising, web sites have several advantages :- Basic information is easily updatable. Web sites are more dynamic  than printed media. Your potential customer base is growing all the time as the internet is becoming easier and simpler to access than ever before. Many people will [...]

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