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Digital Certificates and Decentralised ID

Using a secure connection to identify and deal with your bank is a common scenario. Your web browser would generally check the validity of a digital certificate that is downloaded when you access the bank’s URL. The bank would have previously approached a Trusted Third Party CA (Certificate Authority) such as Verisign, who may carry [...]

Primea – A new Blockchain Operating System

I always enjoy the epicenter podcasts, the guys do get quite deep into the technicalities of various blockchain technologies, which is testament to how well the presenters Sebastian, Brian, Maheer and Sonny know their stuff!  There will never be an episode where I don’t learn something new, even if I am only catching the gist [...]

Proof of Capacity

Bitcoin uses a method called Proof of Work which involves solving hard mathematical problems to help secure the distributed ledger of data that forms the blockchain. It does use a lot of electricity from mining equipment that rewards miners There is a blockchain out there which uses an intriguing method known as ‘Proof of Capacity’ [...]

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