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Elliptic Curve Cryptography Signing

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is the powerful method that protects the value in the Bitcoin network.  It uses special arithmetic  to produce the familiar private/public key pairs  used in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and provides a very clever method of allowing someone to sign a message using their private key, without ever revealing their private [...]

Cardano – 3rd generation smart contract platform

Another great episode of epicenter, Charles Hoskins played an early role in the creation of Ethereum. He talks about Cardano, a blockchain platform looking into improved forms of governance and consensus. Consensus forming is key to blockchain mechanics as well as the idea of governance in the wider sense. This episode explores ideas such [...]

Bitcoin v Litecoin

The Bitcoin blockchain started with a genesis block on January 3rd 2009. A couple of years later on October 7th 2011, Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, started the Litecoin blockchain, inspired by Bitcoin. It is an alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin and was created with a couple of intended improvements. The first noticeable difference is [...]

Cryptocurrency and Capital markets

Nice interview discussing cryptocurrency and capital markets. Ari Paul also gives an interesting view of crypto as a strong hedge opposite fiat currencies.

One Bitcoin same value as one ounce of gold

A couple of years ago I thought how amazing it would be if one bitcoin was worth more or less the same as one ounce of gold. Well, this week this came true, with the dollar value of bitcoin reaching all time highs.

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