The Business Analyst Creates The Whole Picture

Its often said that a main activity of a Business Analyst is to gather requirements. Gathering implies that the requirements are just lying around ready to be heard and documented, the BA asking what is required and the Stakeholder concisely stating what they want and need! In practice its not this simple of course. Even a stakeholder highly engaged in a software project will only have a general idea of what they want or need. Its a skill of the analyst to take these clues in what is being said, and fill in the gaps to create the whole picture. For example, a requirement may be elicited to summarize information, but summarizing can mean many things. Is it an average number?, a count?, are different levels of granularity required? is a table OK or is some visualization required?

The analyst needs to ask the right questions to provide what is truly valuable to a Stakeholder, and to fill in all the gaps.

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