The BA works for IT?

Usually the Business Analyst works for either for the IT department or some form of Project Management office, or as part of a software consultancy. A question I asked myself recently was, is this they way things should be. The classic idea of a business analyst is as that all important connection and facilitator between business and IT.

Doesn’t the BA being connected to IT bias the analyst towards creating ‘software team friendly’ changes, i.e. prioritizing or championing changes that are easy to implement, or that make sense from the viewpoint of the development team?

In a webcast by the Agile coach Mike Cohn, he stresses the importance of balancing the forces of IT and the business to create the perfect environment for implementing well prioritised, valuable software change. If one or the other has too much influence and power, this creates an unfavourable environment.

The BA is a key role in understanding the needs of both sides, and to facilitate discussions, even if they are working under the IT department or PMO umbrella.

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