Social Media in the Workplace

social-networks We were recently asked by an office that we support for  IT to block access to all media hosting and social media websites such as Facebook, Youtube, VKontakte (Russian).

It’s a difficult juggling act these days for businesses to decide what to restrict on their corporate networks.  There’s no doubt that social media is playing a big part in the success of all sizes of business, from large corporations such as BP to smaller businesses such as Ador Flowers in Guildford, England.

So with the growing appearance of business on social media, should office workers be banned from using it during work hours? I think it partly comes down to location and culture (the aforementioned office is in Kazakhstan) and the general attitude from management. Facebook can create a great deal of ‘waste of time’ but it’s also used as a kind of coffee break for office workers taking some ‘me’ time for a few minutes every hour or so. Restricting access could lead to certain resentment and a loss of productivity.

Whatever the view of management, social media in the workplace is well and truly here, and I don’t believe too many network administrators are going to be told to block 100% of traffic to and from Facebook.

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