Advantages of Web Sites over Printed Media


Whilst your company may choose to employ several forms of advertising, web sites have several advantages :-

  • Basic information is easily updatable.
  • Web sites are more dynamic ¬†than printed media.
  • Your potential customer base is growing all the time as the
    internet is becoming easier and simpler to access than ever before.
  • Many people will choose the internet as the most convenient way of finding goods and services.
  • Web sites are more natural at providing detailed and up to date information than printed media.
  • There are many ways of tracking the success of your website in attracting new customers in terms of statistics. ¬†
    For printed media, a lot of the time it’s a guessing game.
  • Cost is much much lower.
  • In an ever more environmentally aware world, printed material is becoming more and more undesirable.



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