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The BA works for IT?

Usually the Business Analyst works for either for the IT department or some form of Project Management office, or as part of a software consultancy. A question I asked myself recently was, is this they way things should be. The classic idea of a business analyst is as that all important connection and facilitator between [...]

Do Percent Completes mean anything on schedules

Most people working on IT projects are familiar with the type of meeting where a Project Manager calls up a project plan and asks team members to report progress on particular tasks. Usually this is in the form of reporting a percent complete. Important questions are are they useful and do they mean anything? I [...]

The Business Analyst Creates The Whole Picture

Its often said that a main activity of a Business Analyst is to gather requirements. Gathering implies that the requirements are just lying around ready to be heard and documented, the BA asking what is required and the Stakeholder concisely stating what they want and need! In practice its not this simple of course. Even [...]

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